Denver Campus Sponsored Projects Administrator (DSPA) Group

DSPA is made up of representatives from across the Denver Campus who support the development, preparation, operation, and management of sponsored projects research and creative activities.  The group meets regularly to enhance communication, share best practices, and advance strategies to strengthen our collective capacity in service to 2030 Strategic Plan goal 3, to "be internationally known for our research and creative work."
Carol Achziger
Research Services Senior Professional (CLAS)
Connie Amen
Assistant Dean (BUS)
Patricia Ball
Assistant Dean of Finance and HR (SEHD)
Christine Bravo
Pre-Award Grants Specialist (CEDC)
Jordan Farrar
Assistant Director Research Development (ORS)
Lauren Galleri
HR Director (BUS)
Karen Gilbert
Research Services Program Manager (CEDC)
Lauren Goolsby
Research Services Program Director (SPA)
Victoria Haggett
Senior Professional Research Assistant (CEDC)
Leah Haloin
Academic Services Assistant Director (CAM)
Michelle Haynes
Manager of Grants and Contracts (CAP)
Terence Hughes
Executive Director (Office of the Chancellor)
Michelle Jaramillo
Business Services Principal Professional (CEDC)
Stephanie Kelly
Assistant Dean Finance and Administration (CAP)
Tracy Kohm
Marketing and Communications Manager (CLAS)
Karen Ludington
Assistant Dean of Business & Operations (CAM)
Joe Lasky
Grants and Contracts Specialist (Office of the Provost)
Jason O’Connor
Post Award and Finance Specialist (CEDC)
Terri Mellinger
Business Services Principal Professional (BUS)
Alison Pearks
Research Services Assistant Director (CEDC)
Stefan Reiss
Senior Research Development Analyst (ORS)
Anthony Wilson
Finance & Operations Manager (CAM)
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