ORDE Updates


Looking for funding opportunities pertaining to your research interests? You will want to explore the Sponsored Programs Information Network (SPIN) Fund Search Database. But first check out ORDE's new resource - our one-page SPIN Overview describing how to work with the Database effectively.


Some funding agencies limit the University to a certain number of applications, usually one. Then the University runs an internal review process to select our candidate(s). To identify opportunities for which you qualify and to submit required internal application materials, visit the brand new "Limited Submission Funding Opportunities" website, coordinated through the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research.


ORDE maintains the University's centralized COVID-19 Funding Opportunities Website, updating agency offerings on a daily basis. New additions are noted at the top of the list. The day's updated offerings are generally available by 10am.


Submitting a CAREER Award to the National Science Foundation? Then you will want to check out our latest Faculty Seminar video featuring a CAREER awardee talking about her experiences 1) in the proposal process, 2) with agency program officers and 3) her subsequent award. After watching the video, download our latest NSF CAREER Award Toolkit and starting planning your proposal. This year's proposal deadline is July 26, 2021. 


A Note to Early Career Investigator and Mentors: ORDE has updated our Research Funding Opportunities for New Investigators e-Book for 2021. This e-Book provides details about sponsor interests, deadlines, eligibility criteria, award amounts and timeframes. Disciplines across both the Denver and Anschutz Medical Campuses are represented. You may choose to read cover to cover (my personal recommendation), use the helpful index or take advantage of the Find mechanism in Adobe Acrobat to perform searches. Happy reading!


ORDE has developed a new resource for international postdoctoral fellows, designed to allow you to easily identify individual external postdoctoral fellowships with no citizenship requirements. Many postdoctoral fellowship opportunities limit eligibility in terms of requiring US citizenship or permanent residency, making it challenging to find this type of support. We will update as new opportunities become available.


Check out the brand new CU DENVER RESEARCH e-Magazine, highlighting exciting research and creative projects by CU Denver faculty members. This new communication tool is brought to you by the CU Denver Office of Research Services (ORS) and is edited and designed by Rachel Sturtz, our Research Communications Specialist. To access the e-Magazine, go to the ORS home page and scroll down.


Lost in the maze that is the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)? Would you like a quick tour of the agency's various funding programs? What nuances does NEH bring to the grants game? Learn more about NEH through our new resource - Getting to Know . . . the National Endowment for the Humanities.