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ORDE is a faculty resource for information and resources related to obtaining external support for your research and teaching activities. We invite you to explore our website, talk with us and attend our Faculty Seminars.​​

ORDE Updates


ORDE has just released the 2019 edition of the Pilot Project Funding e-Book, highlighting sponsors who offer smaller funding for start-up projects in many disciplines represented across the University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campuses.


ORDE has completely revamped our Research Funding Opportunities for New Investigators e-Book. This e-Book provides details about sponsor interests, deadlines, eligibility criteria, award amounts and timeframes. Disciplines across both the Denver and Anschutz Medical Campuses are represented. Enjoy the read!


ORDE has released details on our Fall 2019 Faculty Seminar Series. All Seminars are now open for registration. Space is limited so register soon. See our Registration page for details.


ORDE has released the 2019 version of our ever-popular Sabbatical Support e-Book. Are you sabbatical-dreaming? Start early in the process with our e-book and see what opportunities fit your dreams.


Videos from Spring Semester's ORDE Faculty Seminar Series are now available in our Archive. New Seminar videos include How to Plan for a P01 or Center Grant, the National Science Foundation, Writing a Project Overview and Writing Your Specific Aims. If you missed a session or are looking for a quick refresher, check out the ORDE Video Archive.


ORDE has released an updated version of the National Science Foundation Know Your Agency Brief, a 2-page overview of the agency providing details about focus areas, organization, funding stats, program officer interaction, and the proposal review process. Start here if you are thinking about submitting to NSF.


ORDE has updated our Sample Proposal Checklist, designed to assist you as you are studying funding agency proposal guidelines. The Checklist walks you through the possible agency requirements and specific items that need your consideration (e.g., fonts, margins, deadlines, letters of support). Because it is an editable Word document, this allows you to use the Checklist as a one-stop doc containing all the important parameters for a particular funding opportunity. We hope you find this resource useful.


Check out Naomi Nishi's Blog on the Spencer Foundation. Always associated with educational improvement research, note that the Foundation funds faculty in a variety of disciplines.

Agency News

  • NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program

    May 31, 2019, 12:00 AM by NSF
    NSF's Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program offers Supplements for current or new NSF-funded research projects as well as Site grants supporting a number of students in a focused content area. Site grant proposals are due August 28, 2019.
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  • NIH Changing Program Announcement Usage

    Jun 14, 2019, 12:00 AM by NIH
    In a streamlining effort, NIH is switching from the current myriad of Program Announcements (PAs) to Notices of Special Interest to highlight agency research interests. Instead of multiple PAs, the agency will issue a single Notice of Special Interest and then point applicants to associated parent announcements.
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  • American Lung Association Research Grants Update

    Aug 9, 2019, 12:00 AM by American Lung Association
    The American Lung Association (ALA) has released details on the grant opportunities they are offering this year. These programs primarily target investigators earlier in their careers, but many require experienced mentors. Full applications for all grant mechanisms are due December 12, 2019 with the exceptions listed below for the Lung Cancer Discovery Awards and the Lung Cancer Research Awards.
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